Olympus In Action

Day or Night, Olympus Monitors, Alerts, and Takes Action in an Emergency

When danger threatens, Olympus is there, offering protection 24/7/365.

Olympus is a custom-programmable, scalable cybersecurity system, that can integrate a disparate suite of monitor, alarm and alert systems seamlessly to maximize responsiveness in the event of an emergency, with little to no human intervention needed. Olympus not only monitors the entire area when danger threatens, but takes security one step further by performing a host of automated actions designed to protect and preserve life and property. There are multiple points of contact to alert the system to a problem, reducing reaction time to mere seconds.

With multiple pieces of technology – both legacy and new – working together seamlessly to react, inform, and take action, this simple, yet ingenious solution is a major step forward in emergency preparedness and mitigation.

This video offers a compelling view of Olympus in action.

Case Study: Texas ISD Updates Paging System

Case Study: Texas ISD Updates Paging System

Faster, More Accurate, Less Costly These days, fast and accurate communication during a security incident on a school campus is on everyone’s mind. A major Texas ISD found that their incumbent paging system was becoming too costly for them to support with their limited budget, so they turned to Netsync, with whom they had an…

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