State and Local Government

Full-Scale Deployments and Technology Lifecycle Management for Government and Municipal Departments

From deploying end-user and teleconferencing devices for civic departments to reinforcing wireless communications and cloud-based storage infrastructures for entire state agencies, Netsync supplies government entities with durable, futureproof solutions that support enhanced collaboration and operational flexibility.

Netsync works with state governments and agencies to implement networking and unified communications solutions that improve efficiencies and deliver more reliable services to employees and taxpayers.

Organizations and agencies operating under government funding benefit from the same technologies and tools as growing enterprises. However, Netsync understands where the organizational similarities end and the challenges unique to government operations begin.

We can assess existing infrastructures and technology to design the optimal solution for securing sustainable performance, without losing sight of the constraints and stringent requirements often applied to government projects. 

Case Study: Yesterday’s Phones vs. Today’s Technology

Case Study: Yesterday’s Phones vs. Today’s Technology

Upgrading is More Than Just Installing New Hardware A major Texas University campus had a problem: their phone system was old and outdated, but they didn’t know what they needed to do nor how to pay for it. Fortunately, Netsync had the answers they needed. The customer wanted to move from their old telecom system…

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