Telephony and Voicemail

Large-Scale Deployments to Facilitate Collaboration

Despite advances in technology, telephones remain a cornerstone of business communications. IP telephony offers greater reliability and security by tapping into existing data networks. By using networks to transmit voice, IP telephones are future-proof unified communication solutions that can scale to future demands. Conversations pose no significant burden to networks and do not reduce the performance of other applications.

IP phones provide the same convenience as conventional phones, including intuitive voicemail features. By integrating with business’s existing data infrastructure, IP telephony is also a more affordable solution. Netsync can source and deploy large-scale telephone configurations for enterprises, government agencies and educational institutions.

Case Study: Outdated Analog Phones Give Way to VoIP

Case Study: Outdated Analog Phones Give Way to VoIP

Major University Saves Money, Increases Productivity with New System A prestigious US university knew that the time had come to replace their Cisco legacy analog phone system and move to a new VoIP configuration, Cisco’s Unified Communications Manager. This would not only save them money but provide for easy scaling in the future as well…

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