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The range of communications and networking options confronting school districts, municipalities and growing enterprises can be daunting. So much new technology and emerging configurations makes it difficult for already overburdened IT departments to select and implement a practical and cost-effective solution. With so much depending on your choice of technology, the prospect of venturing alone may seem hazardous.

Netsync has extensive experience consulting with organizations of all sizes, and with our knowledgeable team of solutions architects we can assess current infrastructures, weigh strategic priorities and source hardware that enables optimal performance of critical operations.  

Case Study: Ensuring Access to Education

Case Study: Ensuring Access to Education

Campus Equipment Refresh Program Provides Faster, Better Internet Access As part of their Campus Equipment Refresh program, a major Texas school district undertook to update both switching and wireless infrastructure across the district. The district would be taking care of all configuration and planning, while Netsync was asked to handle the physical installation of the…

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