ALTO—Enhancing the Patient Experience

ALTO enables medical facilities and healthcare professionals to provide what every patient wants, yet rarely enjoys―an exceptional patient experience during one of the most vulnerable times in their life. And it’s been studied and well documented that patients with better healthcare experiences often have been health outcomes. ALTO is the perfect prescription.

ALTO provides patients with easy access to information, whether it relates to amenities, pain management, or a variety of tools and resources.

With ALTO, patients GET:

  • Immediate access to information, such as dietary needs and restrictions, physical therapy exercises, scheduling information, visiting times, and more. X-rays and reports can be easily displayed onscreen in the patient room.
  • Video chatting capabilities for communicating with medical professionals or family members.
  • Easy Access to important information, such as issues related to health and wellness, chronic conditions, symptom information and post discharge care. Both hospital-owned and 3rd party content is supported.
  • The ability to quickly and easily connect with healthcare professionals, such as doctors, nurses, physical therapists, nutritionists, even translators.
  • Timely, informative engagements on wellness goals, the healing process and expectations, related timelines, surveys and questionnaires.
  • Integration services, including the ability to view menus and order food, verify dietary metrics, and speak with a nutritionist.
  • An array of entertainment options, including movies, television and online games. Browse the Internet or access popular content providers, including, among others, Netflix, Pandora, Spotify and Hulu.

With ALTO, healthcare professionals CAN:

  • Access and monitor KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to ensure patients are receiving optimal care.
  • Define and implement policy settings and monitor support metrics.
  • Request services from housekeeping and facilities.
  • Project test reports and X-rays onto each patient’s screen.
  • Conduct video calls to patients’ rooms.
  • Assign medical videos and deliver discharge checklists and questionnaires.
  • Access and review patient information.

And ALTO seamlessly integrates with:

  • Information systems, such as EMR (Electronic Medical Records), scheduling, nutrition systems, and a variety of additional data sources.
  • Cisco Jabber and Microsoft Skype. Patients and visitors can enjoy intelligent call routing and queuing, and external video collaboration through mobile devices and web portals.
ALTO by Netsync is the perfect prescription for what has ailed the patient care experience for years—limited information and a lack of interaction and education. With ALTO, those days are over.
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