Case Study: A Rural Co-op Faces the Future

Failing Legacy Equipment Requires an Immediate Solution

When a fast-growing rural electrical co-op realized that its legacy data center equipment was out-of-date and facing a critical failure, they knew that a quick solution was imperative. They also understood the need to future-proof their new investment by installing quality technology.

When the Worst Thing that Could Happen, Does

Unfortunately, the equipment they ordered from a national VAR was damaged in transit and had to be returned to the manufacturer, resulting in frustrating back order statuses with fluctuating arrival dates. These delays were unacceptable, given the state of their system.

For a solution that was both reliable and affordable, the co-op turned to Netsync, based on a previous project in which Netsync had impressed the customer with their skill set, documentation, engagement, and overall total value.

Netsync Saves the Day

After a careful assessment of the project scope and the co-op’s resources, Netsync recommended the installation of several Dell servers to power their data center. Netsync initiated a line of constant communication with the co-op, ensuring that all information was passed on quickly and accurately, and that expectations were both met and exceeded. Within a short period of time, the new data center was up and running.

The final result was an up-to-date data center that should serve this co-op – and its customers – both today and well into the future.