Case Study: Data Center Upgrade Leads to Streamlined, More Efficient Operations in Police Department

Old System Creates Headaches for Police

In this large Texas city, the Police Department was forced to work with a Data Center that was more than 10 years old. This caused more and more headaches and inefficiencies with every year that passed, something that a law enforcement department could not allow.

However, they were hesitant to begin the process of upgrading their system, based on a bad experience they had in the past with a major global provider, one they did not want to repeat. Eventually, though, they were forced to move forward.

Netsync to the Rescue

Netsync came in and did an audit of the department’s current situation. With that information, they put together a solution virtually from scratch that combined Cisco UCS servers, Nimble storage and Cisco switching. This allowed Netsync to significantly downsize their equipment by consolidating ten racks into two and, at the same time, virtualizing their entire environment.

Throughout this process, Netsync upgraded the client’s Cisco Call Manager, using Singlewire to undergird their emergency paging system, and added Cisco Emergency Responder, which they had not had, but was required if they were to be in compliance. As well, Cisco Disaster Recovery was also installed, another significant addition.

Cracking the Case

By the time the project was complete, the department was able to benefit from installed redundancies, saw all their previously siloed operations seamlessly connected, had all their contracts consolidated, and enjoyed more efficient management of their system, enabling them to focus on their jobs protecting the public rather than maintaining an old and out of date data center.