Case Study: Medical Center Cafeteria Goes Wireless

Facility Updated to Provide Better Care, Better Outcomes

One of North Dallas’s largest and most comprehensive health care providers, with multiple hospitals and emergency rooms in the area, wanted to enable their cafeteria for wireless presentations. They contacted Netsync for help with this project.

The Nuts and Bolts

Netsync recommended placing screens in two locations: One, a ceiling-mounted drop-down 113″ diagonal screen for the front of the room, and the other, midway back in the room and aligned with an existing column, a 65″ ceiling mounted LCD.

Netsync also installed six ceiling-mounted speakers for audio support, and two microphones – handheld and lavalier – were integrated into the system. The speakers were aligned by hand to provide the best possible sound reproduction from the front of the room to the back.

For input into the system, Netsync installed a wall plate to take in HDMI or VGA with audio inputs. A Barco wireless presentation solution was installed, so those not directly near the wall plate could present in the room from a laptop. With the Barco solution installed on the network, iPad and Android devices are also capable of presenting in the room. Testing and validation, as well as appropriate training on the new equipment, was also performed,

Presenting in Style

The result was a facility that was much better prepared for presentations to staff, especially those containing high-level graphics and audio content, enabling new knowledge to improve patient care and enable better patient outcomes.