Case Study: Upgraded Communication Capabilities Lead to Better Schools, Better Safety

Shared System Between ISD and Local Police Leads to Unique Challenges

In a large Texas school district, communications and collaboration hardware was shared with three separate entities: the ISD data center, a single high school and the local police department. Initially, the client’s initial goal was to consolidate their servers from the high school to their new StratITSphere data center.

However, when it became apparent that the old hardware was nearing the end of its active life, upgrading and transitioning became a priority, one with several unique challenges.

No Downtime Allowed

One issue was that the interface that users were familiar with was going to change from Cisco Agent Desktop to Cisco Finesse Desktop. It was critical for the client to determine that none of the changes encountered would negatively impact the end users.

It was also important that call processing be maintained at the highest possible level throughout the migration, especially for the police department, requiring a carefully developed plan to ensure that phone system performance was not compromised at any time.

A Mixture of Legacy and New Equipment

To overcome these challenges, Netsync began with an audit of the current situation. Once the existing landscape was fully understood, they then moved forward with a carefully considered plan in close collaboration with the district, which covered both the upgrade of their current system and the consolidation of their data storage devices. When that was completed, they embarked upon a knowledge transfer program to familiarize the end-users with the new technology.

The result was a school district – and police department – that experienced better communications, upgraded services, and better collaboration at all levels. The district was able to provide better, more targeted educational opportunities, while the police department was empowered to work more efficiently and effectively, thereby elevating their roles as law enforcement agents in the community.

Olympus: Safety and Security Solution

Olympus: Safety and Security Solution