Case Study: Texas ISD Updates Paging System

Faster, More Accurate, Less Costly

These days, fast and accurate communication during a security incident on a school campus is on everyone’s mind. A major Texas ISD found that their incumbent paging system was becoming too costly for them to support with their limited budget, so they turned to Netsync, with whom they had an established relationship.

Netsync uses Singlewire for Advanced Paging Options

Understanding that the ISD wanted to work within their existing Cisco UC platform, due to the familiarity their users had with it, Netsync engaged a Collaborative Sales Associate to assess their existing environment in order to make the best possible recommendation for a new system. In the end, Netsync proposed Singlewire – a leading-edge provider of notification systems that can transform existing telephone apparatus into a powerful, “any-to-any” mass communication and emergency mass notification tool – as a foundation for their new paging environment, with the ability to provide additional district-wide security notifications as needed.

Deployment Brings Unseen Benefits

The result was a swift deployment of the new paging system across the district, as well as the addition of some unexpected extra features, such as Singlewire’s Bell Scheduler. In the long run, the ISD managed to minimize their support costs while reducing the need for increasing system resources from the legacy package. The customer already has plans to work with Netsync on future projects, including Enterprise Network enhancements, network security, and managed services.

Olympus: Safety and Security Solution

Olympus: Safety and Security Solution