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Workforce protection anywhere on any device

Security can be a grind: you’re working to build the future and battling to keep it secure. The demands on time and resources are significant. You need your workforce protected anywhere and on any device — a digitized workplace where every part of your infrastructure is safe, and workloads are secured wherever they are running, 24/7.

Meanwhile, cyberthreats are constantly evolving, getting smarter and more sophisticated.  As technology changes and expands, so do the security requirements. With thousands of security vendors and tools available, how do you manage the entire network and infrastructure with multi-cloud workloads, remote workers, and little visibility?


Of CISOs agree that orchestration between products is challenging

SecureX reduces attack response time by


Cisco provides a unified security platform, reimagining what’s possible with Cisco SecureX, which enables visibility, automation, and reduced operational overhead across applications, endpoints, networks, and the cloud. Security protocols can often slow down network and Internet access but, with SecureX, users can experience performance acceleration while remaining connected securely from any location.

Basic security principles include zero trust and least privilege practices, meaning users and endpoints should only have the minimum amount of access to network resources to do their jobs. Cisco uses identity management to monitor and control access for both users and endpoints. The Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) manages endpoint access requests, segments and authenticates them based on least privilege profiles, and then continues to re-authenticate for continued trust — automatically.

Digitally secure laptop.
Multi-factor authentification enables you to access your data on desktop, smartphone, and tablet.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is another security practice in which companies use multiple tools to enable access to resources, creating management headaches. Cisco Duo provides the broadest range of access and visibility, lowers the total cost of ownership by integrating Mobile Device Management (MDM), Single Sign-on (SSO), and Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) into a single, easy-to-use solution. Detect and stop threats better with the Cisco cybersecurity offering:


SecureX platform

Secure Web Applications

Secure Network Analytics (Stealthwatch)

Secure Workload (Tetration)

Secure Email

Secure Firewall


Secure Web Appliances

Secure Access by Duo

Identity Services Engine (ISE)

AnyConnect (VPN)

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For nearly two decades, Netsync has brought IT consultancy leadership to clients of all types and sizes. We are a value-added reseller (VAR), and don’t just want to sell you a product and move on; we want to understand your business and provide solutions that solve problems. As the fifth-largest SLED partner, Cisco named Netsync, SLED Partner of the Year for US Public Sector 2020.