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Netsync and Okta

Watch the On-Demand Video Series

Learn how to protect your critical data with identity solutions from Okta and Netsync

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Government Contracts: Kansas

Fulfilling Government Contracts for the State of Kansas

Government contracts in the State of Kansas are overseen and administered through the Office of Procurement and Contracts, a division of the Kansas Department of Administration.

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Case Study: Wichita Falls ISD Gets Updated WAN, Simpler Management, Lower Costs

Netsync Designs and Deploys High-Speed, Scalable Optical Network for School District

Netsync designs and deploys high-speed, scalable optical network to address school district’s current and future needs


Run High-End Applications on Any Device with Amazon AppStream 2.0

Access Applications on Any Device from Any Location

Provide access to powerful applications like Adobe Photoshop or Autodesk AutoCAD without having to buy high-end computers and expensive software suites.

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New Texas Law Lets School Districts Spend Non-Operational Budget Money on Cloud Services

The Measure is Seen as a Game-Changer for School Districts

A new law in Texas reclassifies cloud computing services and electricity as “personal property,” allowing school districts to use bond funding and other non-operational budget dollars to purchase cloud services in the same way they purchase physical hardware like servers and networking equipment.

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Case Study: Orange Unified School District and Netsync Deliver Software Applications to Remote Students

Close Collaboration Aides Thousands of Students Working from Home

With an Amazon AppStream 2.0 infrastructure in the AWS cloud, Netsync ensures the delivery of high-performance applications continues to all students.


Cisco DOMO

Simplify the Complexities of Digital Transformation

Whether you have remote collaboration, security, data center, networking, or computing concerns, Netsync is here to help.

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Managed Services

Let Netsync Managed Services Take Care of the Details

Netsync Managed Services allows you to get back to focusing on your business objectives while we take care of the daily challenges with people, processes and technology.

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Managed Delivery

A Genuine Single Vendor Solution to Manage All Your Needs

Netsync provides a genuine single vendor solution to manage all your needs.

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Delivering the Best Environment for Users

Netsync can source and deploy thousands of end-user compute solutions for large organizations.

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Government Contracts: Texas

Netsync is the largest DIR contractor in the State of Texas

Government contracts in the State of Texas are overseen and administered through the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR).

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Business Continuity

Be Prepared for the Unexpected.

Establishing business continuity and resiliency maintains operational continuity and meets existing customer obligations.

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Support and Procurement Services to Keep Businesses Thriving

Netsync offers businesses additional services that enable a painless transition and effortless adoption of IT and communication solutions.

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Project Management

Managing All Your Project Needs

Netsync recognizes that each customer’s staging and integration requirements are unique

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