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Netsync and Okta

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Learn how to protect your critical data with identity solutions from Okta and Netsync

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Eliminating the digital divide for students in Fresno, California

Netsync, with Nokia and Cradlepoint eliminate the digital divide in Fresno California

Challenge Fresno, located in central California, is home to more than a half-million people. It’s the economic hub of the San Joaquin Valley. Fresno Unified School District is the third-largest […]

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Case Study: A School District, 60,000 Students and One Security Solution

Texas School District Ensures a Financial Windfall, Secures its Network and Protects Users

One of Texas’ largest school districts ensures a financial windfall secures its network and protects its users.


Managed Service Desk

Providing the Highest Level of Support

Netsync’s highly-trained engineering staff provides 24x7x365 managed service desk coverage for all your support calls.

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State and Local Government

Full-Scale Deployments and Technology Lifecycle Management

Netsync understands the inherent challenges state and local governments face and the unique procurement processes they’re required to follow.

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Case Study: Speedier Access to Education in a High-Speed World

Don’t Call it an Equipment Refresh—This Texas School District Needed a Complete Overhaul

When combined with Netsync’s technical experience, Cisco’s products and services have been deployed to solve issues and deliver solutions for some of the largest school districts, government entities, and enterprises in the world.


Wireless and Mobility

Provide Secure, Reliable Wireless and Mobility Services to Any Devices at Any Location

Reliable and accessible wireless and mobility communications tools are crucial for maintaining collaboration.

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Contact Center

Provide Your Customers Unparalleled Service

Offer clients a direct line of communication to your business and provide unparalleled service.

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Alto Digital Signage

Digital Signage to Enlighten, Educate and Entertain

ALTO is a highly-flexible digital signage solution that enables clients to collaborate, interact and inform customers and employees across multiple endpoints.

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Federal Government

Equipping the Federal Government with the Best Tools for the Job

Netsync has the experience to expertly serve the communications, cybersecurity and data storage requirements of the U.S. Government.

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Connected Classrooms

Transforming the Future of Education

Creating hybrid learning environments that are both flexible and secure.

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New Texas Law Lets School Districts Spend Non-Operational Budget Money on Cloud Services

The Measure is Seen as a Game-Changer for School Districts

A new law in Texas reclassifies cloud computing services and electricity as “personal property,” allowing school districts to use bond funding and other non-operational budget dollars to purchase cloud services in the same way they purchase physical hardware like servers and networking equipment.

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Customer Experience

Maximize the Value of Your Digital Transformation

Let Netsync build a unique strategy for your business initiatives.

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K-12 and Higher Education

Empowering Educators and Students with Innovative Learning Tools

For nearly 20 years, Netsync has been one of the preeminent technology solutions providers for K-12 schools and higher education.

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