Are You Ready for an On-demand IT Infrastructure?

As the role of IT in organizations begins to take center stage, the demand on your infrastructure is at an all-time high while the resources you use to answer that demand are not growing quickly enough. Your IT infrastructure is undoubtedly pushed to its limits to meet daily demands, and your IT department probably wonders when and how it will get help. IT staffers spend too many hours maintaining their computing infrastructure, and probably don’t have enough time to develop new applications that will push the business forward. Meanwhile, the demands are still there: employees, customers and suppliers expect to access and manage information and data analytics at any hour. Your company can no longer accept the usual month-long deployment of projects. In today’s fast-paced environment, you need to launch applications and services within days. So just how can IT do that? Well, imagine putting an end to separation: no more siloed computing, storage, software and networking elements. Instead, picture your workforce benefitting from a flexible infrastructure solution whose resources are integrated and optimized for specific workloads – an on-demand infrastructure. That’s right. A converged infrastructure (CI) lets your company take all of your servers, networks and software solutions from different data centers in different offices and make them function as one. With integrated resources, your company no longer has to provision separately and can end long start times for projects. A CI provides the scale your IT team dreams about. They can now work on further developing and growing your infrastructure to give you a competitive advantage and prepare for future needs, rather than looking backward with time-consuming systems maintenance and interoperability patches. Not to mention, with virtualized IT resources, apps and services can be simultaneously shared across departments. Sales and marketing, for example, won’t have to wait their turn to use a crucial resource. A Hewlett Packard Enterprise ConvergedSystem can pay for itself within 8 to 12 months, and your company will benefit from a greener approach by using up to 80 percent less footprint for data centers and storage. You’ll see, on average, a 75-percent energy savings. Many CEOs wonder how they can continue to increase productivity. Hewlett Packard Enterprise ConvergedSystems can drive productivity by quickly providing employees with actionable data that gets projects completed faster. Your workforce can aggregate data from websites, e-commerce platforms and ERP and CRM systems and turn the information into valuable insights that can be used across the business. As an HPE Gold Partner, Netsync provides deep knowledge and expertise in HPE ConvergedSystem, the leading CI portfolio that simplifies infrastructure. We specialize in custom designing the right HPE converged solution for all size enterprises and work closely with your organization to develop a CI solution that makes your infrastructure one – and fast. Your IT department and employees will thank you. And your customers will notice the quick manner in which you do business. For more information on the benefits you can see from a HPE Converged Infrastructure, read “Measuring the Business Value of Converged Systems.”