Embrace New Standards of Connectivity and Integration with the Internet of Things (IoT)

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Internet of Things (IoT) solutions provide unprecedented levels of insight into all areas of our daily lives by supplying analytic data through network-connected devices. IoT devices provide critical information to civil, military, public, and private entities of all sizes.

Netsync’s IoT Practice Team advises a wide range of organizations — from companies large and small, to school districts to state and local government agencies — on practical IoT applications and uses that reduce costs, improve metrics and maximize convenience.


Smart Cities

Designing the Intelligent Cities of Tomorrow

Empowering city managers to improve living conditions in increasingly dense urban environments.

Smart Lighting

Economical Alternatives to Conventional Lighting Products

Smart lighting devices offer integration with existing building and municipal infrastructures, giving managers more intelligent options.

Sensors and Asset Management

Automate Routine Procedures and Deliver More Insight

IoT sensors automate routine procedures and deliver more insight into the performance of critical functions.

Customer Success Story

Case Study: Orange Unified School District and Netsync Deliver Software Applications to Remote Students

Close Collaboration Aides Thousands of Students Working from Home