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If you’re not already thinking about moving some or all of your data to a cloud storage environment, it’s time to start. But what type of cloud system is right for your needs? Private or Public?

Public Cloud systems allow an organization to purchase services delivered via the Internet from a third-party provider. These services use processing power and storage capacity that is not owned by the business itself and is available to others as a shared resource. All management responsibilities fall to the service provider—not the company—which can lower IT and OPEX costs. Although some may be concerned that public clouds are less secure due to the shared nature of the resource, public cloud breaches are very rare as data remains isolated.

Private Cloud systems are essentially an extension of a business’ traditional data center that has been optimized to provide storage capacity and processing power for a variety of functions. In this instance, the word “private” means the platform is not a shared resource and is used by one entity only. In a private cloud scenario, the company assumes all responsibility for the management, maintenance, and updating of servers. The distinct advantage of deploying a private cloud is a greatly enhanced level of data security protection.

The experts at Netsync will work with you to assess your needs and design a system that considers the particular advantages of a public or private cloud solution to create the optimal environment for your data storage needs.

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Netsync Data Center Collateral

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Public and Private Cloud

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Netsync is ready to help you navigate the decision between private and public cloud, based on your unique business requirements.

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