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The Network Operations Center (NOC) is the heart of the managed services operation. The NOC provides a central location from which your entire system – including fiber, wireless, data center, applications and more – can be monitored and managed, with specially-trained engineers and technicians making decisions and adjustments on a continual basis to ensure optimal network performance and organizational productivity. This allows you to focus on critical business initiatives and your IT staff to work on initiatives that drive your business forward.

When any action is required, these technicians create tickets that describe the event in detail, including severity, alert type and other appropriate data. Technical teams can then either travel to the site or work directly at the NOC to resolve the problem quickly and efficiently. NOC technicians constantly research unusual activities on the network, make technical adjustments, and can call upon an extensive set of resources – many that might be unavailable to an in-house IT department – to respond to an emergency situation.

Some large businesses construct their own NOCs, but that is an expensive proposition. For most, the ability to partner with a third-party NOC gives them all the oversight and protection they need at a fraction of the cost of new construction. From an outside point of view, a business’s ability to respond to network challenges in a fast and effective manner provides the appearance of a company with boundless IT resources that results in world-class support.

Benefits of a Managed NOC Service include:

  • Reduced cost of operation
  • Complete technical support
  • Comprehensive links to intelligence sources and networks, satellite television and other assets
  • Support for multiple video sources
  • 24/7 intelligence monitoring
  • Business continuity capability
  • Help desk support
Netsync Managed Services Collateral

Netsync Managed Services Collateral

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