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The proliferation of devices, coupled with increasing end-user expectations, will require many organizations to reevaluate their end-user and endpoint management practices to better serve their employees and customers in the digital enterprise. Netsync’s End-User Compute services provide secure and reliable computing environments, allowing businesses to more effectively use their staff and available resources.

With Netsync’s End-User Compute services, you can bring the full digital workspace to life for your organization by looking holistically at the breadth of the end-user experience and considering all the systems required to accomplish daily tasks, including access strategies for both remote and on-prem workers. This allows for the consolidation of all needed systems into a single platform that delivers a better user experience. The result is increased efficiency, greater user satisfaction, and unlimited future growth without disruption.

The End-User Compute Service Team can:

  • Reduce downtime: Fixing issues quickly when a computer or other device experiences a problem.
  • Secure remote access: Providing strict control over access to your systems to ensure their security.
  • Support Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD): Enabling organizations to embrace BYOD policies by ensuring applications are available across a range of devices.
  • Enable a modern workplace: Allowing any time, anywhere access to your systems from any device.
  • Provide flexible working solutions: Decoupling applications and data from the device or legacy EUC to deliver a secure and consistent experience.

End-User Deployment

Computer systems are critical to today’s active workforce but configuring, deploying and repairing those resources can be time consuming, as a significant amount of logistics and effort are required to ensure that these critical components are fully equipped to support your employees. Replacing a damaged unit can interrupt business, cause downtime, slow progress, and be extremely hazardous to a company’s bottom line. With an end-user deployment agreement, a non-functional device can often be replaced by a fully-loaded and ready-to-go replacement within hours instead of days, keeping business operations running without incident.

Netsync works closely with you to ensure configuration, readiness and uniformity on each device, including:

  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • Printers
  • Mobile workstations
  • Tablets and handheld devices
  • VoIP telephones
Netsync Managed Services Collateral

Netsync Managed Services Collateral

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