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Protecting Networks and Data from Attacks

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When evaluating cybersecurity preparedness, there are a variety of strategies organizations can take to help protect their networks and data from attacks. One such strategy involves employing a Red Team to test an organization’s network for security vulnerabilities.

Netsync’s Red Teams are comprised of highly-experienced security professionals who run simulated attacks on organizations to establish the effectiveness of security protocols and cyber defenses.

The attacks used by these Red Teams are multi-layered simulations designed to gauge how well your company’s people, networks, applications, and physical security controls can detect, alert and respond to a genuine attack.

PEN Testing

PEN Testing

Offensive Security Offerings


Practices Involved

Technology Consulting

Let Netsync Take the Lead in Modernizing Your Business

Netsync’s Services Practice and technology consulting team can lead you to sustainable modernization of your IT systems.

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Security Assessments

Understand Your Risk with a Full Security Assessment

Netsync’s Security Practice experts determine what the risks are to your company’s critical assets.

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Network Security

A Complete Network Security Solution for Your Business

Netsync’s Security Practice can design and implement a complete network security solution for your business.

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Meet Your Virtual Chief Information Security Officer

Netsync's Virtual CISO is a qualified, top-tier expert who will review your security framework, practices and procedures.

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Incident Remediation

When You Need Immediate Support for a Developing Crisis

Netsync's security experts can help you prevent incidents from occurring or remediate them as quickly as possible.

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