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Flexible Financing Options to Fund Responsible Investments in Technology

To remain competitive and operationally effective, your organization must invest in technologies that enhance productivity and performance, reduce cost and increase efficiency. But building a quality network infrastructure and sourcing end-user solutions is a costly expenditure.

Failing to secure sensible and appropriate financing terms on a loan can paralyze an organization. Unsustainable monthly payments, unanticipated fees, and the massive outlays required for procuring on-site hardware can lock up finances in paying off or maintaining rapidly depreciating technology.

In addition to working with major industry lenders to provide customers ideal loan financing terms suited to their means and needs, Netsync also operates a lending division specializing in OPEX loans, allowing organizations to write off much of their monthly expenditures related to network, cloud and communications. Our team can structure an OPEX loan to keep hardware investments to a minimum and increase opportunities for optimum ROI of your technology.

Netsync assesses unique needs, provides guidance on the most beneficial lending methods and loan options available, and assists with securing terms and structuring loans that help organizations make smarter decisions about their technology investments.  

Case Study: Ensuring Access to Education

Case Study: Ensuring Access to Education

Campus Equipment Refresh Program Provides Faster, Better Internet Access As part of their Campus Equipment Refresh program, a major Texas school district undertook to update both switching and wireless infrastructure across the district. The district would be taking care of all configuration and planning, while Netsync was asked to handle the physical installation of the…

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