K-12 and Higher Education

Empowering Educators and Students with Innovative Tools for Learning Throughout K-12 and Higher Education

As tablets replace textbooks, and school administrators, educators and students become more tech savvy, growing numbers of campuses and classrooms in the K-12 and Higher Education space are adopting emerging technologies to enhance engagement with educational materials.

By delivering more personalized experiences, technology provides students with tools and opportunities to help them understand advanced competencies, as well as improve overall performance on standardized tests that factor into how school districts and universities are ranked, rated and funded.

School districts seeking to improve student outcomes are turning to technology to facilitate more intuitive and memorable interactions with demanding subject matter. Universities continue to increase their reliance upon wireless networks and teleconferencing applications to power distance learning programs. It’s impossible to imagine modern classrooms without the influence of technology and the real-time, off-site participation it allows.


Maintaining K-12 networking and telecommunications capabilities is vital for providing students with a modern, effective learning environment. Often, school districts struggle to manage the considerable investment required to maintain these infrastructures, relying on funding by way of government subsidies and reimbursements.

Netsync can design, source and install advanced ecosystems procured through reimbursements awarded by the Universal Service Fund’s E-rate program. Working with school districts, we help select and implement technologies that improve educational outcomes, including networking hardware, mobile solutions, end-user devices and cloud-based applications that encourage student mastery of required curricula. 

State contracts

Netsync has extensive experience working to fulfill state contracts related to the acquisition of solutions that effectively support educational priorities. We achieve large-scale deployments within narrow times frames to meet semester deadlines, and collaboratively consult with universities and school districts to source system configurations that align with strategic learning goals and agency-approved campus enhancement projects.

Olympus: Safety and Security Solution

Olympus: Safety and Security Solution

Case Study: Texas ISD Updates Paging System

Case Study: Texas ISD Updates Paging System

Faster, More Accurate, Less Costly These days, fast and accurate communication during a security incident on a school campus is on everyone’s mind. A major Texas ISD found that their incumbent paging system was becoming too costly for them to support with their limited budget, so they turned to Netsync, with whom they had an…

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