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Providing a safe and secure work environment has never been more challenging. Protecting your most valuable asset — your people — is critical to business continuity when responding to a security threat or operational disruption.

Diverse business properties — from expansive corporate campuses with multiple buildings to high-rise office towers — present complex security challenges. Bad weather, natural disasters, and security threats can bring businesses to a grinding halt and it’s critical that lines of communication remain open with staff, their families, first responders, and law enforcement.

Olympus integrates a facility’s legacy security platform, surveillance cameras, and access control systems with collaboration and unified communications tools into a hybrid-cloud architecture. Olympus provides peace of mind for business leaders, staff, and their families.

Netsync developed Olympus by first conducting in-depth research with business and security leaders to learn the scope of the challenge. Netsync subsequently designed a cohesive network to link disparate systems and solutions from Cisco and Singlewire Software to complete a specialized platform ensuring technology works together and automates workflows.

Olympus integrated Cisco Unified Communications (UC) with Singlewire InformaCast, combining the industry’s best collaboration and VoIP solution with the leading mass emergency notification system. These components work with surveillance cameras, gunshot detection, access control systems, and automation tools to provide businesses with a reliable response platform to security risks.

Example Facility Lockdown Protocol

  • Recognize alert
  • Engage automation
  • Lock down exterior doors and all hallways
  • Turn off all room lighting
  • Send notification throughout the facility — annunciator, phone, text message, and email
  • Digital signage displays what to do
  • Turn on strobes/sirens
  • Lock down all rooms
  • Display facility map highlighting situation areas for on-site security
  • Notify law enforcement and provide external access to Olympus
  • Manage communications to all personnel throughout the incident
Olympus for Enterprise

Olympus for Enterprise

Netsync Redefines Onsite Security


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