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Seamless, Scalable Storage

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By collaborating closely with valued partner AWS, Netsync’s cloud experts design and deploy solutions that enable customers to enjoy the many benefits that come with moving and backing up workloads to the cloud. They help K-12 schools, institutions of higher education, government agencies, and enterprise customers enjoy seamless, scalable storage that integrates with all major storage vendors. Netsync’s cloud experts have extensive experience designing and deploying AWS cloud solutions to ensure customers get the very most from their public cloud investment.

Chromebooks & Amazon AppStream 2.0

Hardware and Services Delivered as a Single Solution

  • Deliver high-value applications to affordable desktops
  • Increased value of your Chromebook infrastructure
  • Increased endpoint security
  • Pay for Amazon AppStream 2.0 only when you need them

Data Backup

Offsite data backup integrated with all major storage vendors

  • Native hardware OEM Integration
  • Comply with off-site backup requirements
  • Eliminate magnetic tape
  • Integrate to any system with AWS Storage gateway

Primary Storage Tiering

Extend your storage system to the cloud for unlimited growth

  • Native hardware OEM Integration
  • Realtime spikes in storage demand are easier to handle
  • Long Term File Storage
  • Integrate to any system with AWS Storage gateway

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Control Tower

Control Tower

Elastic Disaster Recovery

Elastic Disaster Recovery

Partners Involved

Amazon Web Services
F5 Networks
Palo Alto Networks

Practices Involved

Hybrid and Multi-Cloud

Let Netsync Help You Understand the Differences

Netsync can design the best system to meet your organization’s needs.

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Amazon Web Services

Provide access to powerful applications without having to buy high-end computers and expensive software suites.

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Public and Private Cloud

Utilizing Multiple Platforms to Meet Business Goals

Netsync is ready to help you navigate the decision between private and public cloud, based on your unique business requirements.

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Enterprise Cloud Storage

Flexibility, Scalability and Performance

Enterprise cloud storage allows companies to deploy applications faster, scale efficiently, and realize operational agility.

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Backup and Data Protection

Thwart Attackers and Keep Your Data Secure

Netsync delivers data backup and protection systems to thwart attackers and keep your data secure.

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Cloud Collaboration

Reduce Costs and Expand Capabilities

Cloud collaboration has never been more critical to organizations than it is today.

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Customer Success Story

Case Study: Sundown ISD and Netsync Deliver Adobe Applications to Students via ChromeOS using Amazon AppStream 2.0

Netsync and AWS Ensure the Delivery of High-Performance Applications to All Students