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The threat to technology-based information assets is higher now than it has ever been. But today’s cybercriminals do not simply rely on defeating technical safeguards. Instead, they probe and exploit a range of weaknesses found in their target environment. These weaknesses are not due to technology alone, but also due to failures in procedural safeguards or gaps in management practices—and that’s where Compliance and Governance come in.

Security governance brings together core elements of cyberdefense and effective risk management, strengthening a system against the compromise of assets. Compliance is the mechanism by which those risk-related values are reflected in direction and judgment that shape business plans, information architecture, security policies, and procedures, as well as operational practices.

Compliance directives ensure that everyone in an organization is working along the same path, as a team, to reach business goals and, at the same time, protect company assets and critical information. Regular compliance reviews and audits keep this important responsibility in the minds of those responsible for it and hold them accountable for ensuring that their governance plans are being carried out successfully.

Netsync can help you build a compliance and governance plan to fit your unique business needs. We can help you evaluate your current position and discuss ways to strengthen your security profile by developing effective processes and policies. We can also guide you through compliance requirements for such common operational management schemes as ISO 27001, COBIT, Sarbanes, and ITIL.

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

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