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Digital Signage solutions from Netsynce enable clients to collaborate, interact and inform customers and employees across multiple endpoints.

Netsync’s ALTO is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that utilizes interactive video and chat technologies to enable clients to better inform, entertain and engage their customers and staff. ALTO enables clients to deliver more personalized customer experiences through rich media and interactive applications, all centrally managed. Users can easily create or import slides, images and video, and even content from 3rd party providers.

Digital Signage solutions from Netsync provide users:

  • Accelerated Collaboration: communicate more easily through conferencing and chat features.
  • An Enhanced Interactive Experience: entertain and inform your audience, and engage them through multiple devices.
  • Easier Dissemination of Information: seamlessly, quickly, and easily deliver need-to-know and time-sensitive information to your audience.
  • Real-time data insights: capture and immediately act on customized information from audiences.
Netsync Enterprise Networking Collateral

Netsync Enterprise Networking Collateral

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