Smart Connected Technologies

Embracing New Standards of Connectivity and Integration

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Netsync’s Smart Connected Technologies Solutions provide unprecedented levels of insight into all areas of an organization’s operations by supplying analytics data on key performance metrics throughout its network infrastructures.

By equipping organizations with smart-connectivity, Netsync can integrate sophisticated systems into holistic and automated workflows and supply oversight of critical performance indicators, enabling improved efficiency and productivity.


Internet of Things

Equipping Organizations with Smart-Connectivity

Providing unprecedented levels of insight into all areas of enterprise-scale operations.

Industrial Internet of Things

Transform Your Operations With Big Data And Analytics

Industrial IoT can create game-changing operational efficiencies.

Smart Cities

Building the Intelligent Cities of Tomorrow

Technology that will revolutionize the urban landscape to provide greater convenience, safety and comfort.

Smart Lighting

Economical Alternatives to Conventional Lighting Products

Smart lighting devices offer integration with existing building and municipal infrastructures, giving managers more intelligent programming options.

Sensors and Asset Management

Better Integration and Metrics for More Efficient Management

Helping your business run quicker, more efficiently and more productively.