Government Contracts

Fulfilling Government Contracts to Improve Outcomes

Netsync has extensive experience fulfilling government contracts and deploys large-scale projects and initiatives within the most demanding of deadlines.

By utilizing a blended approach that is both consultative and collaborative, we work closely with state, local and federal government organizations to obtain a comprehensive understanding of their technology needs.

Once we understand their precise needs and desired outcomes, we source and implement technologies that enable departmental agencies and educational institutions to accomplish strategic organizational objectives. And, as always, we ensure that compliance standards are strictly adhered to and properly addressed. That’s one of the many reasons why Netsync is a trusted technology solution partner for all levels of federal, state and local governments, and K-12 and Higher Education.

For more information on state contracts see:

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Olympus: Safety and Security Solution

Olympus: Safety and Security Solution

Case Study: Medical Center Cafeteria Goes Wireless

Case Study: Medical Center Cafeteria Goes Wireless

Facility Updated to Provide Better Care, Better Outcomes One of North Dallas’s largest and most comprehensive health care providers, with multiple hospitals and emergency rooms in the area, wanted to enable their cafeteria for wireless presentations. They contacted Netsync for help with this project. The Nuts and Bolts Netsync recommended placing screens in two locations:…

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