Netsync and Cisco combine to help veterans begin their journey into the wonderful world of technology

Netsync’s long-term, valued partnership with Cisco has provided them with many benefits over the years, and Netsync’s participation in their Talent Bridge Dream Team project is another in a long line of examples.

“It’s a great initiative,” said Karl Houston, Netsync’s Executive Director of Strategic Services, “and our participation has given Netsync the opportunity to not only assist in cultivating young talent, but to help several members who have honorably served in one of our nation’s armed forces.”

Netsync’s Mark Lynd, Director of Digital Business, and Shawn Sellers, Director of Vendor Management, consulted with Talent Bridge Team members, including those who have served in the military, at last week’s Cisco Partner Summit, November 4th through 6th. They shared their empirical experiences designing and deploying networking solutions for some of the world’s largest, most noteworthy organization.

According to Nirav Sheth, Cisco’s VP Global Partner Solutions, Architectures and Engineering, “It is all of our collective responsibilities to invest in supporting our great veterans as they transition from military service into the private sector.”

The Talent Bridge Team members are a group of students, many of whom are military veterans, selected from Cisco’s Networking Academy, which they introduced 20 years ago to cultivate talent and create a bridge to employment opportunities.

Cisco’s Talent Bridge Dream Team allows students to not only work closely with Cisco professionals in a job-shadowing environment, but to participate in building out an actual, physical network. Participants get to help design and deploy, in just a week’s time, a full-scale network that supports large events that accommodate tens of thousands of attendees, such as Cisco Live and the Cisco Partner Summit. It allows Dream Team members to go past the conceptual stage to actually designing and deploying a network. And it provides them the opportunity to experience another element inherent to the technology space—working in a high-pressure environment.

While almost a hundred Networking Academy students submit video applications each year, only a handful are selected. Their minimum qualifications are substantial, including having to be nominated by their Network Academy instructor and completion of CCNA2 or higher, or are CCENT-ready. And they must have a high level of enthusiasm for technology, a willingness to help others, and an eagerness to work and learn as part of a team.

The Talent Bridge Dream Team provides veterans with a tremendous opportunity to invest in themselves and start their journey into technology. And Netsync is honored and privileged to be an integral part of it. Find out more about it below.

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