Netsync’s Jeff Barker is Appointed Federal Team Head

Jeff Barker Announced as Netsync's Federal Team Head

Dallas, TX, March 22, 2022 – Netsync has announced that Jeff Barker will take over the Netsync federal sales team. Barker will continue Netsync’s commitment to fulfilling government contracts and deploying large-scale projects and initiatives. Under Barker, Netsync will maintain its dedication to implementing technologies that enable departmental agencies and educational institutions to accomplish strategic organizational objectives.

Since September 2016, Jeff has served as Netsync’s Executive Sales Director, where he has created successful customer outcomes, promoted the Netsync brand and increased sales revenue year-over-year. Prior to joining Netsync, Jeff had over 12-years of experience with Netsync’s largest manufacturing partner, Cisco Systems.

Jeff’s industry experience working directly with SLED (state, local and education) and healthcare clients to navigate reseller and partner communities and manage and motivate sales organizations has made him an invaluable member of Netsync.

Jeff brings with him a wealth of knowledge, maturity and structure to lead the Netsync federal team.

About Netsync

Netsync is an end-to-end technology solution provider that helps public and private organizations implement complex IT projects to achieve exceptional outcomes. Our team of engineers brings tangible business value to every project through our progressive Design, Build, Deliver and Manage services methodology and tailor solutions for each client based on time, budget, and desired outcome. 

Netsync Federal Practice Collateral

Netsync Federal Practice Collateral

NETSYNC Network Solutions is a HUB-certified (HUB), minority- (MBE) and woman-owned (WBE) solution provider with extensive experience supporting government agencies, enterprise, commercial, SMB and educational institutions with a wide range of technology solutions.