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A Master Class Webinar: Zero Trust, The only way to secure the modern business

July 21, 2022 @ 1:00 pm 2:00 pm CDT

Cybersecurity attacks and breaches are going up around the world and in 2022 things are getting worse. Given the huge monetary and reputational damages associated with these attacks and breaches the need for zero trust and quality incident response has never been higher. In this master class webinar, we will discuss how to utilize a Zero Trust framework that will enable them to maximize security, while minimizing their risk. It will also allow them to do a lot more with less resources by verifying all users, devices and applications and enforcing policies across their environment. With a zero trust you assume that you will be hit and then ensure they have best incident response plan ready for action that determines threats early, minimizes district impact and ensures rapid recovery. In this master class webinar, we will cover the following:


Mark Lynd, Ranked #1 Global Security Thought Leader by Thinker 360


  1. The Four Most Common Strategies
  2. State of the Union in Cybersecurity
  3. Trends in Cyber: New Mindset
  4. Zero Trust – Never Trust, Always Verify
    1. MFA & Identity
    2. Data Protection & Segmentation
  5. 7 Mistakes to Avoid When Deploying Zero Trust
  6. Incident Response – Recover from Worst Case

Bonus Section – The Future of Cybersecurity

Why This Webinar is Worth Your Time

  • Have keys for a stronger approach to Zero Trust
  • Use what you pick up to lower organizational risk
  • Get strategy to get more done with less resources
  • Learn the pitfalls of others and how to avoid them
  • Discover how to avoid alert gaps and fatigue
  • How to better utilize current security investments
  • Drive higher job satisfaction for security staff