Smart Cities

Building the Cities of Tomorrow

We’ve long been promised that technology would revolutionize the urban landscape to provide greater convenience, safety and comfort. Gradually, with the aid of IoT technology, that dream is becoming a reality. The Internet of Things has introduced a vast array of new integrated devices offering unprecedented degrees of flexibility and insight. City municipalities seeking more efficient ways of delivering intelligent services to populations are turning to IoT solutions, and Netsync can consult with city planners to determine the most prudent way to implement new technologies for the benefit of all.

IoT devices can impact virtually every facet of city logistical planning and oversight, from emergency response and street lighting to traffic control and crime prevention. With better oversight enabling real-time intervention, IoT devices empower city managers to improve living conditions in increasingly dense urban environments and cut operational expenses resulting from previously unaddressable inefficiencies.

Smart city devices include:

  • Traffic control
  • Smart lighting
  • Smart buildings
  • Environmental sensors
  • Smart power grids
  • Parking sensors
  • Smart buildings
  • Smart garbage collection and waste management
  • Crime prevention
Case Study: A Rural Co-op Faces the Future

Case Study: A Rural Co-op Faces the Future

Failing Legacy Equipment Requires an Immediate Solution When a fast-growing rural electrical co-op realized that its legacy data center equipment was out-of-date and facing a critical failure, they knew that a quick solution was imperative. They also understood the need to future-proof their new investment by installing quality technology. When the Worst Thing that Could…

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