Case Study: Cutting-Edge Solution Delivers Security, Peace of Mind

Netsync’s Security Experts Deploy Cisco ISE Solution at Prominent Texas University

The Challenge

Cybersecurity is a high stakes game of cat and mouse. What were once, perhaps recently, cutting-edge security measures can now be rife with unprotected entry points. A large Texas university could relate.

Widely known for its leading, highly-publicized media department, the university needed to upgrade its cybersecurity architecture for both of its data centers. With an enrollment that was growing exponentially, the university was concerned its legacy security measures were no longer providing adequate protection against the latest cyber threats. The university needed more than simple hardware and software upgrades. It needed to implement a cybersecurity solution that would protect against immediate threats and those lurking on the horizon. They needed help. They needed a solution. They needed Netsync.

“We need a solution. Get Netsync on the phone.”

For years, the university has turned to Netsync for the design and successful implementation of numerous technology solutions, including projects for collaboration, data center modernization and mobility. For this cybersecurity initiative, the university’s selection of Netsync required little thought. They have enjoyed what Netsync can deliver time and again.

After interviewing the university’s key network and IT security personnel, Netsync’s security experts architected a solution that would incorporate ISE (Identity Services Engine) from its longtime, trusted partner Cisco. Cisco ISE is a next-gen identity and access control policy platform that enables clients to enhance infrastructure security, enforce compliance and streamline their service operations.

Two data centers. One great solution

Netsync deployed Cisco ISE at each of the university’s 2 data centers. With primary and secondary ISE deployments, data replication begins immediately. Configuration data is shared, ensuring consistency is maintained in all ISE nodes.

At one data center, Netsync set up ISE as a distributed deployment with separate personas (personas determine the services provided by an ISE node; a node is an individual instance that runs the Cisco ISE software). Netsync deployed a dozen Policy Services Nodes (PSNs), which provide network and guest access, client provisioning and profiling services. In addition, 2 Monitoring and Troubleshooting (MnT) nodes and 2 Policy Administration Nodes (PANs) were deployed. MnT nodes provide a comprehensive identity solution for ISE run-time services and PAN nodes enables customers to handle all administrative operations on Cisco ISE, such as all system-related configurations related to functionality―authentication, authorization, auditing, and much more.

The second data center was a standalone deployment with 2 active, standby devices running PSN, MnT and PAN personas.

Delivered by a project management team that consistently exceeds customer expectations

Netsync’s project management team oversaw the entire project, from initial kick-off to final deployment testing. They ensured the university’s new ISE solution was not only ready to secure their network and data, but that its installation wouldn’t hinder day-to-day operations. As usual, it didn’t.

There are reasons that for over a decade hundreds of higher ed institutions and K-12 schools have relied on Netsync to design and deploy robust cybersecurity solutions and strategies―they are architected to meet the precise needs of the customer, deliver high levels of security, provide simpler management, and are built with budgets in mind. In short, they work, and do so on multiple levels. Just ask this large Texas university.