Case Study: Major Retailer Suffers Damaging Malware Attacks

Losses Run Into the Millions of Dollars

A major Retailer, whose portfolio includes casinos, hotels, and more than 600 restaurants (both national and international), suffered a series of malware attacks, compromising customer, company, and employee data, with losses running into the millions of dollars. Clearly, something had to be done to plug the holes in their cybersecurity system.

Weak Cybersecurity System Gets a Serious Upgrade

With that in mind, they spoke to several different VAR companies. However, Netsync’s previous experience in deploying Cisco Umbrella, the first Secure Internet Gateway in the cloud, placed them far ahead of the competition. Netsync also performed a threat assessment, giving them immediate insights into ways to better secure their network, including a complete cleaning to patch up compromised elements of the system.

1,200 Crypto-Crooks Stopped in Their Tracks

The result? An installation completed significantly ahead of schedule. Within minutes after the installation was complete in just one location, Cisco Umbrella had blocked 1,200 crypto-miners dead in their tracks.

Aside from the significant financial savings this upgraded security system provided, the Retailer also estimated that it would save thousands of man-hours previously spent in dealing with malware intrusions.