Case Study: New Video Conferencing System Enhances Collaboration at Leading Medical Center

Doctors Can Now Work Together Across the Campus and Across the World

The Challenge

A large medical center in Texas decided to take its collaboration efforts to the next level. To do this, administrators contacted Netsync for both the plan and the implementation.

Planning for Collaboration

After a careful review of both the center’s needs and their existing equipment, Netsync recommended a complete upgrade. They installed a 75″ LCD screen on an articulating mount, enabling the mounting of hardware behind the screen, and also providing easy access for service or upgrades. A Cisco quad camera was installed below the screen for pickup of room participants, and the Cisco codec, Barco ClickShare device, Extron receiver and Extron small room amplifier were mounted behind the LCD.

The room was outfitted for both wired and wireless transmission, as well as facilities for hooking up participant’s laptops. A Cisco 10 touch panel was installed on the conference table to control volume, dialing, muting, and content source selection. Microphones and speakers were installed in the ceiling for room support, to allow conference participants to be heard, and to provide remote audio and content source audio.

Collaboration in Real Time

The result of this effort was the creation and implementation of a state-of-the-art conferencing system, enabling participants to collaborate in real-time room-to-room or remotely, opening up new avenues for better patient care and improved outcomes.