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Think You Can’t Afford a Chief Information Security Officer? Meet the vCISO! No one disputes the value of a full-time Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) as part of a company’s executive team, but not all businesses can afford the $250,000+ per year that such a position often commands. If you’re a SMB, what are your…

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Software-Defined Networking

Optimize Your Network to Enhance Visibility, Improve Processes and Accelerate Business Services with Software-Defined Networking Software-defined networking (SDN) solutions provide enterprise organizations an affordable solution to improving performance, providing real-time insights and automating network tasks. Netsync works with organizations to ease the transition from legacy infrastructures to software-based networks, allowing them to keep pace with…

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Government Contracts

Fulfilling Government Contracts to Improve Outcomes Netsync has extensive experience fulfilling government contracts and can achieve rapid large-scale deployments within demanding deadlines. With a blended approach that is both consultative and collaborative, Netsync works closely with state, local and federal government organizations to obtain a comprehensive understanding of their technology needs. We then source and…

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