Netsync’s End-To-End Managed Solution – Powered by Motorola

Better Connectivity for Boaters – A New Revenue Opportunity for Your Marina

One of the biggest enjoyments of boating is the freedom to get away from it all. So why should your wireless connectivity be any different?

Instead of fighting through slow, highly-congested Wi-Fi traffic on public networks, Netsync’s Private LTE solution lets you create your own custom, enterprise-grade network that keeps ultra-fast 5G connectivity and security sailing across your entire Marina.

Better yet, Netsync’s end-to-end managed solution lets you focus LESS on managing your network, and MORE on leveraging its turn-key performance, enhanced coverage and capacity – plus the ability to add a new revenue stream through low daily, weekly or monthly service fees.

Netsync Private LTE:
Deliver Ultra-Fast 5G Connectivity Across Your Marina

Supports 2X the capacity of Wi-Fi for distribution of large data amounts

Gain full control of network performance – no more guessing which Wi-fi channels are clear

Supports 4X the range of Wi-Fi to reduce infrastructure and support costs, like power, security and backhaul

Eliminates frustrations of Wi-Fi – no dropped calls, no disconnection, no temperamental links

Build and operate your own secure, private network with no public eavesdropping

Prioritize important traffic in critical situations, unlike Wi-Fi

Drive incremental profits through low daily, weekly or monthly service fee

Private LTE Network (PLTE) for Marinas

Private LTE Network (PLTE) for Marinas

Deliver Seamless, Secure & Uninterrupted Connectivity Across Your Marina


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