Mark Lynd of Netsync, known for being the number one thought leader for security.

Every organization is a high value ransomware, extortion and cyberthreat target. Let Mark Lynd Show You How to Secure Your Organization.

With businesses becoming more digitally transformed and more diverse geographically with remote work and learning, enhanced cyber security has become a top priority in today’s digital age. Cybercriminals can penetrate company networks easier and faster, and cyber threats are evolving quicker than counter defenses.

In this webinar, Mark Lynd walks you through the top cyber threats in today’s age and the solutions to prevent them, including SASE, Zero Trust, Incident Response and more. Understanding and implementing these measures will help keep your business safer, more secure and recover quicker in the event of an attack.

Top 5 Cyber Threats

Mark discusses the top 5 cyber threats he sees daily with Netsync’s customer base worldwide in commercial, enterprise, and public organizations.

How to Secure Your Organization

Mark discusses how to secure your organization against the top cyber threats, the actions needed to take place and what things you need to consider to make your business more secure.