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Resolve Issues, Reduce Risks, and Increase Efficiencies

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Netsync’s Customer Experience Practice has years of experience managing our leading technology partners’ contracts, including Cisco, HP, F5, Red Hat, VMware, Fortinet, Riverbed, and Juniper.

Netsync’s Customer Contract Governance team can resolve issues, reduce risks, and increase efficiencies. We consolidate contracts per service level to avoid renewals’ complexities, simplifying the process and saving time. Netsync provides audit/monitor access to specific contracts requiring a higher security level to ensure only the necessary people have access.

Throughout the year, Netsync works to manage assets, optimize predictability of refresh cycles, maintain and consolidate contracts, update site IDs to ensure premium service level response, and provide smooth resolution to Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) challenges.

 Customer milestones include:

  • Contract coverage purchases
  • Consolidated co-terminus contracts
  • Dedicated Customer Service Manager for the term of the contract based on CX team evaluation
  • Business initiative planning services
    • Adoption Service Basic Package
    • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • End-user adoption surveys
  • Quarterly business reviews

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