Data Loss Prevention

Keep Critical Policy and Industry Data Secure

Your business works hard to cultivate a brand that builds goodwill. Public image profoundly influences how prospective customers interact with your organization and distinguish you from competitors. Protecting these intangible assets, as well as fundamental aspects of your corporate strategy, should be a high priority.

Data loss prevention (DPL) measures aim to preserve the integrity of information related to an organization’s products, performance, revenue and corporate strategy, all of which influence brand reception. With so many different methods of sending correspondence – email, text, messaging and file transfers – DPL solutions must operate across all channels to ensure the confidentiality of sensitive communications and safeguard an organization’s competitiveness. Netsync works with businesses to identify vulnerabilities and implement robust DPL tools to protect critical assets and preserve brand integrity.

Netsync’s data loss prevention solutions offer:

  • Monitoring off HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and FTPS traffic
  • Protection of sensitive data
  • Monitoring of webmail communications and SSL-enabled sessions
  • Preventing accidental data disclosure
  • Content detection and fingerprint inspection
  • Low administration overhead
  • Forensic data analysis and incident reporting
Case Study: Texas School District Updates Data Centers, Data Protection and Recovery Systems

Case Study: Texas School District Updates Data Centers, Data Protection and Recovery Systems

Data Center Refresh Brings District Up-to-Date An ISD in North Texas, consistently recognized as one of the top-rated in the state, realized that they weren’t getting the performance or security they needed from their legacy data centers, so they asked Netsync to provide a plan for a full storage refresh. With two separate data centers…

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