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Managing the Lifecycle of Technology Projects

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Organizations often run into deployment issues when purchasing new technology, either from staffing hours, training issues, or overall vision. Business needs and timelines may not translate to operational needs, which can create unnecessary delays.

A successful deployment operation must manage:

  • Procurement and management of hardware and software
  • Scheduling and planning for staging and integration, change management
  • Hardware builds, software imaging, customization, and testing
  • Timely delivery and installation of hardware and software across locations

Managing the lifecycle of technology projects is challenging as projects often stall due to planning and resource limitations. Netsync’s Services Practice alleviates deadline concerns by enabling the project from procurement to integration and project completion. With project management and business goals in mind, Netsync can design, build, and deploy technologies for any organization.

Solutions Involved

Automation and Orchestration

Automate Complex Tasks to Improve Operational Efficiencies

Netsync can implement automation and orchestration workflows to optimize workloads and efficiency.

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Wiring and Cabling

Connecting Your Routers, Switches and Networks

Let Netsync manage all your wiring and cabling needs so you can focus on running your business.

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Staging and Integration

The Final Step in Your Modernization Process

Netsync recognizes that each customer’s staging and integration requirements are unique.

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Delivering the Best Environment for Users

Netsync can source and deploy thousands of end-user compute solutions for large organizations.

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A Range of Support and Procurement Services to Keep Businesses Thriving

Let Netsync’s Services Practice Team design, build and manage the right system for your unique business challenges.

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Powerful Storage Solutions That Drive Productivity

Netsync can design the right balance of local and cloud-based solutions to meet your individual needs.

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