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No one disputes the value of a full-time Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) as part of a company’s executive team. Still, not all businesses can afford the $250,000+ per year that such a position often commands. SMBs are often unable to afford, find, or attract a CISO, and larger companies find it challenging to keep them very long.

One option to alleviate internal needs is to appoint a Virtual CISO, or vCISO, to manage your cybersecurity program. Netsync’s Security Practice can provide a qualified, top-tier expert to work with you in all areas of cybersecurity for your business.

Netsync’s vCISO will:

  • Review your security framework, practices and procedures
  • Analyze the security products you have in place
  • Conduct penetration testing to identify any gaps in your security protocols
  • Detect and remove any lurkers in your current network

Netsync’s vCISO then provides recommendations in all areas of IT security and additionally provides:

  • Cybersecurity leadership and policy development, and cybersecurity standards
  • Operational security and remediation
  • Cybersecurity and technology product evaluations
  • Technical guidance and security architecture development
  • Risk Management
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Meet Your Virtual Chief Information Security Officer

Netsync's Virtual CISO is a qualified, top-tier expert who will review your security framework, practices and procedures.

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