Case Study: Netsync Solution Helps Save Large School District Hard and Soft Costs

Netsync’s Networking and Mobility Solutions Professionals deploy Cisco Aironet to Support District’s Smart Ecological Solution

The Challenge

While smart solutions tout seamless connectivity on an array of devices―tablets, laptops, phones―what’s rarely known, at least by those outside the technology sector, is how much work and technical acumen is required behind the scenes to make it happen. One of the largest school districts in Texas, which educates over 2,000 students within a 200-square-miles radius, implemented a smart irrigation system so rainwater collected in a retention pond could be used to irrigate sports fields and landscaping.

While the district’s administrative offices had connectivity to the school, there was none to the irrigation system’s controls, which were located next to the retention pond, approximately 450 feet from the school. Trenching fiber or copper lines to the controller was cost-prohibitive. Without a solution, the district’s facilities personnel had to travel over 20 miles to make changes at the controller. They needed a solution and Netsync had the answer―the Cisco Aironet 1560 Wireless Access Point, which is the industry’s highest-performing outdoor access point and supports the latest Wi-Fi standard, 801.11ac Wave 2.

Enterprise Networking and Mobility Solutions Unparalleled in the Industry

For over 18 years, Netsync’s engineers and solutions architects have successfully deployed thousands of solutions for K-12 schools and higher ed institutions by working closely with longtime partner Cisco. Netsync holds Gold Master Certifications with Cisco, including ones for Networking, Security, Service Provider, and Collaboration. Netsync’s Enterprise Networking and Mobility professionals knew the Cisco 1560 Wireless Access Point would precisely meet their needs. It did.

The Cisco 1560 Wireless Access Point provides high throughput over a large area. It is a standalone unit that can be wall, pole, or tower mounted, and can be configured, monitored, and operate through a Cisco wireless LAN controller. It’s an outdoor access point that extends the quality and robustness of indoor Wi-Fi to the outside.

Netsync’s wireless and mobility experts, who have extensive, empirical experience designing and deploying Cisco wireless solutions, mounted, installed, and configured two 1560 Wireless Access Points, one at the irrigation system’s controller and another at the school.

The district now enjoys seamless connectivity, even though its Cisco Aironet 1560 Wireless Access Points are separated by several hundred feet and operate perfectly during inclement weather and throughout the dramatic temperature swings of North Central Texas.