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Optical Transport Systems

Optical Transport at Nearly the Speed of Light It’s no secret that today’s digital traffic is expanding exponentially based not only on the increasing number of connected devices, like phones, tablets and laptops, around the world, but also by the increasingly sophisticated and bandwidth-hungry applications and services currently in use. Yesterday’s packet-based networking is woefully…

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Dark/Lit Fiber Services

Dark/Lit Fiber Services: Which One is Right for You? Providing fiber networks for public sector, enterprise clients, and service providers, Netsync handles dark/lit fiber services from greenfield installs to the critical replacement of legacy networks. With a national focus, we bring turnkey solutions to our clients, working with partners like Cisco, HBK Engineering, and QTS…

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Transceiver Modules

Supporting Large Capacity, High-Speed Optical Communication with Transceiver Modules Optical transceiver (transmitter and receiver) modules are typically deployed to update the communication and data center networks for efficient traffic management at higher speeds by transmitting data through fiber optic cables, using high performance laser optics and photodiodes, rather than copper wire. They convert electrical signals…

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