Succeeding with Desktop Virtualization

Desktop virtualization is essential to supporting a mobile workforce. With a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) in place, users can access their desktops remotely from any device at any time. VDI enables effective collaboration, supports BYOD policies that the workforce wants while maintaining data security. The VDI market is expected to grow about 30% between 2014 and 2019, you want to keep up with the latest trends, but all of that functionality can come at a serious price. VDI can prove to be expensive and scaling it may be time consuming and even more costly. If you want to have a smooth VDI rollout and ensure long-term success, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Converged Infrastructure will set you on the right path. Business benefits of VDI There’s no doubt that VDI can make life easier for your employees. Implementing the virtual technology enables the workforce to be more productive in an anywhere, anytime business world. But what do you get out of VDI on the back end? Here are a few of the major benefits: • One image across the board: Traditionally, onboarding new workstations has been a pain as software licenses are gathered and applications are installed for each and every user. VDI, provides the ability to configure one specific image and deploy it to many virtual machines. • Managing a single Android or Windows 8.1 operating system saves time and money: Think of all the time spent installing drivers, patches and applications on every system throughout your organization. With VDI, you do this all at once and it is distributed throughout the network. • Troubleshooting made easy: Because there is only one image, troubleshooting can be accomplished from one central location as opposed to running out and working on specific devices. • Greater data security: With VDI and the enhanced security of HPE’s Converged Infrastructure, all of your sensitive information stays in the data center. Rather than existing on endpoints, you can sleep soundly knowing that your data is close to the center of your network. The benefits of VDI are hard to ignore, but challenges persist as they do with any deployment process. To avoid VDI issues such as unpredictable performance, scalability issues, costly upgrades and poor user experience, you’ll need a data center infrastructure designed to support your virtual efforts—a HPE Converged Infrastructure. Why go converged? Hewlett Packard Enterprise Converged Infrastructures such as HPE ConvergedSystem, bring your disparate data center back under control, eliminating silos and creating one cohesive chassis. As an HPE Gold Partner, Netsync can configure your converged infrastructure right from the start to support your VDI needs, giving you one central location to manage your virtual machines. Much like VDI gives employees the convenience of accessing powerful desktop computing any time, any where, converged infrastructures enable you to deliver storage and networking resources quickly and easily. HPE Converged Infrastructures simplify the VDI rollout process by streamlining the back end with focus on physical servers. To fully embrace the virtual business world, you’ll want to lean toward a hyper-converged infrastructure. HPE’s Hyper-converged Infrastructures gain similar benefits as their HPE Converged Infrastructures, but with greater focus on the software-defined data center. It often brings the hardware aspects of the converged infrastructure together with virtualized backup, disaster recovery, data deduplication, WAN optimization and more. All of this serves to improve VDI scalability without adding major costs—two of the biggest barriers to a smooth VDI deployment. VDI and convergence were made for each other As the business world continues to go down the path of virtualization, companies will have to adopt more efficient data center infrastructures to keep them running smoothly. Netsync can ensure you choose the infrastructure that meets your business needs to make your business more efficient. Many companies may try to cut costs by jumping straight into desktop virtualization, Netsync helps you avoid that mistake. We take the time to build up the proper data center infrastructure and make your VDI deployment easier than ever. For more information on VDI and HPE’s Converged Infrastructure solutions, read “Measuring the Business Value of Converged Systems” from IDC, the premier global provider of IT market intelligence. Then call Netsync to learn how we can help you today: 866.974.5959