White Paper: 5G Security Innovation with Cisco

As you may know, 5G networks are the latest iteration of mobile internet connectivity. 5G promises lightning fast speed across the most consistent and dependable connections ever experienced by enterprise and consumer users alike. But does faster, better connectivity mean safer, more secure wireless networks?

In this thoughtful and insightful white paper, Cisco Principal Systems Engineer Michael Geller and Consulting Systems Engineer Pramod Nair delve into 5G security innovation and the threats that may arise. They introduce us to Cisco’s 5G Vision and take a closer look at how 5G network security impacts various environments, from smart cities and smart offices to government agencies and the healthcare.

Geller and Nair explore a variety of 5G technology’s possible risks and promising opportunities as they dig into topics such as:

  • Security Innovation and Thought Leadership for 5G
  • The Threat Surface of 5G and IoT
  • Threat and Dark Threat Analysis
  • Unmatched Threat Analytics and Intelligence

The 5G Security Innovation with Cisco white paper is a must-read for anyone involved in enterprise network cybersecurity. In fact, it’s a should-read for everyone who has a mobile device within arm’s reach.