Industry: Healthcare

GSA Schedule 70 Contract

GENERAL PURPOSE COMMERCIAL INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY EQUIPMENT, SOFTWARE, AND SERVICES – Pursuant to Section 211 of the e-Gov Act of 2002, Cooperative Purchasing provides authorized State and local government entities access to information technology items offered through GSA’s Schedule 70 and the Corporate contracts for associated special item numbers. Contracts with the COOP PURC icon indicate…

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Transceiver Modules

Supporting Large Capacity, High-Speed Optical Communication with Transceiver Modules Optical transceiver (transmitter and receiver) modules are typically deployed to update the communication and data center networks for efficient traffic management at higher speeds by transmitting data through fiber optic cables, using high performance laser optics and photodiodes, rather than copper wire. They convert electrical signals…

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Staging and Integration

Staging and Integration: The Last Step in Your Modernization Process Deployments are usually a finite project with a start and an end. While most organizations invest in-house to develop the solution to be deployed, they usually do not have the permanent resources to be able to execute  the staging and integration of the final solution…

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