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Data center interconnect (DCI) enables companies with multiple locations or geographically separate data centers to work together, share resources, provide backups and redundancies, and pass workloads between one another to achieve business objectives. DCI requires high-speed, secure, and reliable connectivity, generally provided by optical/fiber networking.

Key business reasons for enterprises to invest in DCI vary by industry. The most common drivers include a need for more bandwidth, greater storage capacity, efficient IT resource utilization, improved end-user access to applications, and simpler data center management.

As a Cisco Master Networking Partner, Netsync’s Optical/WAN Practice can implement the best data center interconnect solutions for your business.

Solutions Involved


Greater Capacity and Reduced Operational Costs

Optical networks allow organizations to consolidate their networks for more efficient management and reduced complexity.

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Data Center

Increase Productivity With More Efficient, Affordable Solutions

Netsync designs, deploys, and monitors data center solutions that enhance efficiency, bolster security and enable resiliency.

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Dark Fiber

An Alternative to Commercial Internet Services

Netsync's dark fiber platform scales to meet critical load and bandwidth demands or seasonal fluctuations quickly and efficiently.

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