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The Fast, Secure, and Reliable Way to Move Data

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Digital traffic worldwide is expanding, based not only on the increasing number of connected devices but also on sophisticated, bandwidth-hungry applications and services. Optical Transport Systems provide better performance and reliability than packet-based networks.

Optical Transport Networking (OTN) is a fast, secure, reliable, and highly efficient method of moving data. OTN’s advanced multiplexing capability makes it possible for different traffic types – including Ethernet, storage and digital video, and even SONET/SDH – to be carried over a single optical strand, thereby reducing bandwidth demand. Due to complete internal reflection of the light signal, fiber optic cable loses very little, if any, data in transmission, making it perfect for long-distance transfers.

As a Cisco Master Networking Partner, Netsync’s Optical/WAN Practice can design and implement an Optical Transport System to meet business goals.

Solutions Involved


Greater Capacity and Reduced Operational Costs

Optical networks allow organizations to consolidate their networks for more efficient management and reduced complexity.

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Connecting Everything, Everywhere

Let Netsync help you increase speed, reduce latency, and improve the flexibility of wireless services with 5G technology.

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Customer Success Story

Case Study: Eliminating the digital divide for students in Fresno, California

Netsync, with Nokia and Cradlepoint eliminate the digital divide in Fresno California