Physical Security

State-of-the-Art Physical Security for Your Office Locations and Data Centers

Too often, organizations increase their physical security measures in response to incremental growth. This ad hoc approach can result in piecemeal solutions that integrate poorly and generate vulnerabilities. Netsync encourages a holistic approach to physical security, drawing on a range of technologies to formulate a comprehensive and integrated ecosystem. This includes intelligent camera technology, biometric identification, RFID badges and credentialing. We can perform a thorough audit of your premises and devise the right security protocol for your needs.

Video Surveillance Management Systems & Analytics

  • IP-based dispatch and incident response
  • Real-time event detection
  • Predictive analysis
  • Anomaly detection
  • Business Intelligence
  • Facial recognition
  • License plate recognition

Managed Incident Response

  • Incident & Case Management
  • Command & Control

IP Access Control Systems

  • Intelligent Access Control
  • IP video door stations
  • Visitor management
  • Identity management

IP Surveillance Cameras

  • Ultra HD, 4K and beyond
  • Multi-sensor cameras
  • IP cameras with audio analytics
  • Two-way audio cameras
Olympus: Safety and Security Solution

Olympus: Safety and Security Solution

Redundancy, Replication, and a Cutting-Edge Solution Deliver Security, Peace of Mind

Redundancy, Replication, and a Cutting-Edge Solution Deliver Security, Peace of Mind

Netsync deploys Cisco ISE at prominent Texas university Cybersecurity is a high stakes game of cat and mouse. What were once, perhaps recently, cutting-edge security measures can now be rife with unprotected entry points. A large Texas university could relate. Widely known for its leading, highly-publicized media department, the university needed to upgrade its cybersecurity…

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