Enterprise Cloud Storage

The Data Security Your Business Demands

Enterprise Cloud Storage is a highly scalable, fault tolerant and reliable storage option where business data is stored in the cloud to serve as a backup in case of disaster or physical system failure. Therefore, enterprise cloud storage systems are most suitable for businesses dealing with large amounts of data.

“47% of enterprises cite data growth as one of their top three challenges, while 79% of IT professional identify managing storage growth is their #2 pain point. Not surprising, as data storage requirements are growing by 40% per year, with the world’s data expected to explode to 150 % of its current size in the next decade.”

This system offers a number of benefits aside from acting as a simple data depository, including:

  • Disaster recovery
  • Security of mission-critical data
  • Robust data replication and migration features
  • High accessibility
  • High scalability
  • Remote replication for data recovery
  • Restoration functions
  • Reliable and efficient backup
  • Remote support
  • Disaster recovery support for replicated data
  • Dynamic load balancing path management software
  • High performance
  • Centralized administration

More storage is now allocated in virtualized rather than traditional environments, with enterprises moving from on-prem non-virtualized to consolidated virtualized environments. With storage capacity requirements growing at a rate of 15-20 percent per year, some predict that by 2021 95% of global data center traffic will be from the cloud.

If you haven’t embraced enterprise cloud storage yet, now is the time. Avoid upfront infrastructure costs, get new applications up and running faster with improved manageability and less maintenance and enable your IT staff to more rapidly adjust resources to meet fluctuating and unpredictable business demand, all with Netsync’s enterprise cloud storage solutions.

Olympus: Safety and Security Solution

Olympus: Safety and Security Solution

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