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As a Cisco Master Networking Partner and Cisco US SLED Partner of the Year, Public Sector – 2020, Netsync has the expertise to design and deploy public cloud solutions for K-12 schools, Higher Education institutions, government agencies, and enterprise customers powered by Amazon Web Services.

Whether for applications, containers, enterprise cloud storage, or data backup, Netsync’s Cloud Practice can deliver AWS services to meet your business needs.

Netsync’s AWS services include:

Chromebooks & Amazon AppStream 2.0

  • Deliver high-value applications to affordable desktops
  • Increased value of your Chromebook infrastructure
  • Increased endpoint security
  • Pay for Amazon AppStream 2.0 only when you need it

Provide access to powerful applications like Adobe Photoshop or Autodesk AutoCAD without having to buy high-end computers and expensive software suites.

Primary Storage Tiering

  • Native hardware OEM integration
  • Real-time spikes in storage demand are easier to handle
  • Long-term file storage
  • Integrate to any system with AWS Storage Gateway

Data Backup

  • Native hardware OEM Integration
  • Comply with offsite backup requirements
  • Eliminate magnetic tape
  • Integrate to any system with AWS Storage Gateway

Solutions Involved

Hybrid and Multi-Cloud

Finding the Best Solution to Meet Your Requirements

Netsync can help you find the best combination of Hybrid of Multi-Cloud solutions to meet your unique requirements.

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Pandemic Innovation

Preparing for the Next Global Crisis

Let Netsync prepare your organization and your people for the next crisis.

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Private and Public Cloud

Which Solution is Right for You?

Netsync will design the optimal cloud environment for your data storage needs.

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Enterprise Cloud Deployments Combine Flexibility and Productivity

Netsync’s Cloud Practice team can design the perfect system for your organization.

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Amazon Web Services

Provide access to powerful applications without having to buy high-end computers and expensive software suites.

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Digital Workspace

Collaborative Workspaces that Boost Productivity

Create sustainable improvements in mobile workforce productivity.

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Customer Success Story

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